Rather than leave my website empty of content, I thought I would start producing posts that let you know what’s going on in the outdoors world and in Moffat Outdoors too.

I am starting this with a look at Keela.

It amazes me that living and working in Scotland so few people that come in to my store have heard of Keela. They have been established in Glenrothes, Fife since 1973 producing good quality equipment at a reasonable price. From the most basic Jacket for walking your dog, up to full on expedition equipment, and just about every activity in between Keela have something for you.

But in this post I want to highlight their System Dual Protection (SDP) method of keeping you dry from both outside and inside.

Most ProShell type jackets use a membrane, be it Gore Tex, Event or any of the other names out there. These “one way” membranes are designed to allow moisture to travel through them and evaporate out to the atmosphere keeping you dry. In all instances these membranes are laminated between fabrics forming one fabric designed to perform as outlined above. The problem with this system is our climate, it is never warm enough to allow the membrane to do its job. Any heat or moisture you produce hits the cold fabric of your ProShell jacket where it condenses and forms liquid. There it stays keeping your base layer damp and ultimately you cold.

Keela’s SDP is ,for me, a much better system in that the membrane it not laminated in the jackets fabric, but rather a standalone membrane. This allows your hard earned moisture to travel through it, where it meets the cold outer fabric. There, as with most jackets, it condenses. But unlike other shell jackets, the free standing membrane forms a one way barrier between you and this condensed moisture. The jackets are designed to allow this moisture to run down the outer fabric where it can vent to the atmosphere via a mesh covered opening. Thus keeping you dry.

That is Keela’s SDP in a nutshell, but come and take a look at the products, the functionality and price of which beat most ProShells by a country mile.